Friday, May 17, 2013

Facts Older Men Need to Realize in Dating Younger Women

The main concerns in the heads of older men dating younger women include the following:

• How hard is it to charm a much younger woman?
• What do women really need in a man?
• Will a much younger woman love a far older man or is she only after his funds?

For many years in the past, most of the older men dating younger women are the loaded ones, hence the judgment for this relationship was that the woman was only after his cash. Recently, this point of view has evolved. Now we all know that many younger women do fall in love with men that are five to ten years their senior. These women have far more sentimental needs than financial ones that need to be fulfilled, and the older, much more experienced guys can satisfy such need.

For the issue about what women want, an individual simply has to take a look at online dating sites to understand that ladies treasure safety, a great career, the ability to look after them and make them protected from a life of mortgage difficulties. It is safe to state that women treasure these matters over good looks, although physical appearance plus a costly vehicle will not do harm. Older men dating younger ladies naturally know that a younger woman will want to get a great living in which she will enjoy herself. Luckily for these guys, they've had all the time in the world.

What older guys dating younger women should bear in mind is the fact that most women desire a stable man who can handle himself, whether it is in business, sexual intimacy or discussion.

What Ladies Like in a Guy

• The guy should be capable to stand his own ground and stay confident, without getting overwhelmingly arrogant. It's a symptom of youth to be a hot tempered, and therefore the relaxed and composed gentlemen that can take care of many sticky circumstances with dignity can hook a lady's attention, especially the young women that are still into hero worship.
• He should be aware that youth may be flirty. He must not be too firm with her because she's still savoring her youth. Probably the most he can undertake is have confidence in the younger woman that what exactly she is feeling is true love and that she is going to stay with him.
• If approaching younger ladies in dating sites or in real life, don't let the discussion revolve around sex. Love-making can always hold on and it will simply arrive. When meeting younger ladies you need to express an aura of approachability and being lovable. Plus, do not make her feel like you are taking advantage of her.

An element that older men dating younger women have to face is the adverse sights of modern society as a whole. Here's something that a lady stated after she met, fell deeply in love with and eventually married the older man she connected with in an internet dating site:

“I was just 23 when I met my husband. He was 49 then. For just two years, we went out and we appeared like an odd partners together. Some claim I was being foolish and that the man was just hooking me down right up until he found somebody he would be serious with. My advice to those who may have qualms around dating older guys: the intercourse could be irregular yet amazingly good! He can be really passionate at times but you must make do without those all-nighters which other ladies speak of. My own relatives do not invite us to functions anymore but I don't care. I'm definitely in love. “

These older guys are aware of how old they are and may settle down as soon as sure about the girl's love. A lady might be compromising her youth to take care of a much older man who's getting older fast, but when she's certain it is true love, she is going to love each and every minute of their life together.

Monday, May 6, 2013

4 Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

When you're trying to win back an ex girlfriend, it's often hard to know where you stand. Some girls break up cleanly, while other hang around for a while and tell you they want to be friends. Emails, text messages, and phone calls make it difficult to know if and when you should be making your move. That's why knowing the signs that your ex wants you back is a crucial part of getting back together with her.

If your girlfriend dumped you, getting her to date you again is going to rest mostly on your shoulders. The main reason for this? Because she's the one who ended the relationship, she'll feel awkward being the one who puts it back together again.

As you try to get your ex back, you'll need to notice the signs that it's working. Your ex will throw off many signals that are actually indications for you to keep moving forward. Some of them she'll be conscious of. Some she won't. But knowing when you've got the green light, and when you've got a red one, can be the difference between winning back your girlfriend and losing her completely.

The first thing to do is step back and examine the situation honestly. Put aside your wishful thinking, and take a hard look at how she's acting toward you. Once you've done that, read on. The following signs are promising indications that your ex girlfriend is thinking of giving your relationship a second chance:

She's Always In Contact - No break up is permanent, at least until the time comes when one person decides to move on. An ex-girlfriend who keeps in constant contact with you - especially one who never lost communication in the first place - hasn't fully let go of your relationship. She might be hanging around and acting like a "good friend", but the fact of the matter is she's still on the fence as to whether or not the relationship is totally over. Keeping you within arm's length is a safe, comfortable thing for her. If she's calling, talking to, or emailing you, it's a very good sign she hasn't completely written off dating you again - at least some time in the future.

She Always Asks What You're Doing - Any girl who breaks up with you but still wants to know what you're up to is keeping you in a holding pattern. No matter what she says or does, she doesn't want you finding anyone new. She sure as hell doesn't want you dating, or maybe she doesn't want you to date another girlfriend before she ends up finding someone of her own. Always asking about your life, lovelife, or social situation is a big sign of insecurity... and also a sign that she's not prepared for the end of your relationship. If your ex was truly finished with you it wouldn't much matter where you went or who you were spending your time with.

She Stops by or Meets Up With You - Keeping the lines of communication open is a sign of wanting you around, but an exgirlfriend who physically comes to see you is missing you big time. She might come by very innocently or arrange a casual meeting, but what your ex is doing is actually meeting her own needs. All the small talk in the world doesn't hide the fact that she's still thinking about you - and not only that, she's missing you to the point of needing to be around you. When this happens, roll with it. Keep things casual and always light. No heavy conversations, and don't go into the break up. Make it fun and safe for her to be around you and your ex will want to keep coming back. And while she's there, keep an eye on her words, mannerisms, and body language. If you see any signs of those old sparks, your ex could be throwing them off for your benefit.

She's Suddenly Affectionate or Emotional Again - In the final stages of your break up, these are the behaviors to look for. When your ex starts being affectionate again - even playfully - she's letting you know she's ready to get back into a relationship with you... at least on some level destined for more than friendship. Take things at her own pace, and be careful not to be drawn in too quickly. Something in her life has probably changed, or maybe you just did a good job of getting your ex to miss you. Whatever the case, don't fight her on it. If she flirts, flirt back. If she starts talking about the past, reminisce with her. Again, keep things comfortable and happy. It won't be long before she's back in your arms again.

These are just some of the many signals given off when your ex girlfriend wants you back. For the complete 8-Step guide to making her want you again, be sure to check out How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend. And for more information on getting back in touch with your ex? Be sure to check out When To Call Your Ex Girlfriend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

3 Vital Signs that Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

If you are a guy and you recently went through a breakup, take heart, there are ways to determine if she still loves you and wants you back in her life. If you have been together for several years now, you should know that women do not always mean what they say and that they have a knack for making you use your intuition the way they do. Look at the three signs that your ex-girlfriend wants you back and capitalize on that in pursuing her again.

It is not very difficult really to get in touch with your ex-girlfriend. She may have been hurt when both of you broke up but you were too. It would be a matter of sorting through the issues that caused the rift between the two of you. Apologize and talk to her on how you can improve. If she decides to go for the breakup, let her go for now.

She Responds to Your Calls

She could not help but reply to your calls or to your text messages. Your conversations may be brief and simple but it is the connection that counts. When you try to reconnect with her, and she does not repulse you or send you away then you have a fairly good chance of reuniting with her.

She Meets You Occasionally

It might have been occasional at first but she does not object to going out even if you both have officially broken up. This means that she still finds your company comfortable and pleasant. If she does not, then she wouldn't even think of being with you even for a few moments.

She may have decided to go out on dates but if she still sees you even if she starts dating someone else, it means she is giving you a fair chance to prove yourself. Do not waste this chance and make the best out of it. You only have this second chance to prove that you still love her so do your best. Don't overdo it though and never be too confident, otherwise, she will see through that and you may be left where you were.

The Way She Looks at You

The last sign you should look for is the way she looks at you when you are together. If you catch her looking at you with longing and love in her eyes, it certainly means that she still has the feelings and she is waiting for you to make a move to win back her heart. She may not say yes right away, but if you see all three signs that your ex-girlfriend wants you back, pursue her showing your love at this point is a sure way to getting her back again.

3 Tips in Recovering From an Emotional Affair and Getting Your Husband Back

Recovering from an emotional affair is not an easy thing to do. An emotional affair is equally or sometimes even worse than a physical affair because it involves intimacy and emotional feelings. But with the help of online programs and experienced professionals, healing after an affair will be much easier.

Emotional affair has been around for a long time and the rise of social sites and the growing number of female employees have contributed to the increasing incidents of such affair. Problems like this happen in most marriages because of various reasons but the good thing is that your relationship can be saved.

Catching a husband having an emotional affair is one of the worst feelings that a woman can experience. The person you trust and care the most has deceived you. You feel betrayed and sad and you thought that your relationship will never be the same again. The feeling of betrayal will only stop when you have regained your husband's trust through his actions and sincerity.

A very important thing that you should remember in recovering from an emotional affair is to let go of the anger. Do not get into the cycle of hate and resentment because this will only lead into a never-ending confrontation. Forget that the affair happened as this will make the emotional affair recovery faster. Remember that you have succeeded in ending an emotional affair and arguing about it again will do more harm than good.

Below are 3 helpful tips on recovering from an emotional affair:

Have a Good Talk

You are both mature individuals and you know each other very well. There is no reason that you don't talk about the things that need to be changed and the issues that need to be resolved. Ask your husband what went wrong and the reason why it happened. It is also important that your husband will disclose the details of the affair. After all, relationships are built on honesty and transparency.

Spend More Time with Each Other

While recovering from an emotional affair, it is important that you spend more quality time with each other. In this way, you will develop a deeper understanding of each other's needs. One of the most common reasons why this type of affairs happened is that a spouse's emotional needs are not met. Take a vacation or have dinner dates on weekends. You can also take your children and do the things you used to do when you were still dating.


Marriage counseling is very important especially in recovering after an emotional affair. This is a good venue to express how you really feel and discuss issues with experienced professionals. This is where you can resolve conflicts without getting into fights and say what you want in your marriage. In emotional affair recovery, you want the issues to be handled by an objective party, and this is where counselors can be of valuable assistance.

The good news is that in most cases, the husband will choose his wife over the other woman. There are also a lot of marriages that have become stronger after an ordeal like this. It is important that both spouses must make a commitment to make their marriage work.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dating Age Range Formula and Tools For a Successful Relationship With a Much Younger Person

You have just met the woman of your dreams, and it has been a long, hard search to get there. But she is quite a bit younger than you are and you are worried about the implications and repercussions. What will your friends and family say? Can she really love you, and will she lose interest? How young is too young?

Your dilemma is nothing new; in fact, it happens so often that there have been established answers to many of your questions, and others who have paved the way before you have laid out some ideas and tools for you to build a successful relationship with this new lover, in spite of your age gap.

Tool #1: Love and Respect

Do not lose sight of what solid relationships are all about, and that is love and respect. She may be younger than you are, and others may wonder what you are thinking, but if the two of you love each other and respect one another, and if you really enjoy being together, then you have all the answers you need. It may be easier to say it than to practice it, but what others think and say about you is irrelevant if you and your partner are happy with what you are building together.

Tool #2: The Formula

Believe it or not, you have an actual age range formula in your corner. This is no random formula either; it is based on average age ranges for men and women and the fact that the life expectancies for men are notably shorter than they are for women. The other factor taken into account for this formula is the difference between the reproductive life span of men and that of women. Because men are able to father children much later in life than women are able to become pregnant, the acceptable or feasible formula for the ratio of a man's age to a woman's age is substantially affected. This formula is as follows: a woman can be as young as two-thirds of your age, minus 6. In other words if a man is 50 he could date someone as young as 27. Do the math and see if your partner falls into this range. Keep in mind that dating should take into consideration that you can only date someone of legal age which is 18 in most states and countries.

Tool #3: Legal Documents

There is a school of thought that says that using legal documents to protect your assets in a romantic relationship is not very, well, romantic. However, if you have any doubts about what your new found partner truly wants from your relationship, and if you don't now, your friends will see that you do, a prenuptial agreement will take the questions out of the equation. Simply sign and have her sign an agreement that limits the amount of your assets she can take from you in the case of divorce.

You may also want to change your will to protect your children in the event of your death. These issues are not pleasant, but if handled carefully and respectfully, their very existence can make your marriage stronger because they remove these questions and worries from the situation entirely.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Younger Girls Vs Dating Older Women ?

Before you decide whether or not to start dating younger girls, it is important to first understand the differences between mature women and young girls. Once you know the general characteristics of both age groups, you will naturally feel inclined to approach one over the other. Chances are, you would rather have a younger woman hanging on your shoulder! Now this is not to suggest that sexism is cool. No one is saying that women who are older are unattractive. I am sure they are having their own fun!

Let's discuss the major differences in dating younger girls or older women. Mature women are more confident than younger woman, but that also means they are pickier when it comes to relationships. Older women can be dynamite in the sack due to their experience, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are open to anything, like their younger competition. However, younger women are more of the frame of mind that says, " me what you have." Older women are more inclined to take you along for a mutually fun ride", and have usually mastered the "bitch" persona, meaning she doesn't need coddling. Dating younger girls, on the other hand, is different because they tend to be needy once you break down that wall.

Women of the older generation are often times ready to play "leader" in the relationship, since they are financially independent and experienced enough to know how love works. Younger women usually want to follow the leader and enjoy learning from her own private teacher, and are able to contend with hot/cold relationships (aka "drama" or hormonal roller coasters), whereas older women have outgrown this phase of their life, and look forward to stability.

Ironically, older women are harder to pin down when it's time for commitment and are usually at a comfortable place in life and will make room for you when they are interested. When dating younger girls, you will find them to be effusive and impulsive. A younger woman will make you the centre of her life if you give her good reason. Older women are not as afraid to walk away if they not entertained.

An older woman usually doesn't want children, especially if she's raised children from past marriages. A younger woman is just starting to sense her biological clock ticking, so beware or take care, depending on your view of children.

Children-rearing possibilities aside, younger women are easier targets when it comes to sex. Younger women take more risks and are eager to experience relationships, for better or worse.

We have to "go there", so be a man about it: younger women have better bodies! Period. Younger women have higher metabolisms, less stress lines, and collagen-filled skin. An older woman, indeed the proverbial MILF, is an acquired taste. The only physical advantage to dating older women is that they can better afford beauty treatment and they are probably in better shape than younger women who still binge-drink, sleep around, and junk food it up whenever possible.

The final thought on dating younger girls or older girls is this: date who you want, not who you think you belong with. What matters is that you are going after someone you're attracted to AND that you don't let other people's opinions dictate yours. Give yourself permission to date who you want to date. This is the right of every single man and woman!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dating Tips: How to Survive in the Dating Scene

The truth is, everyone needs dating tips in order to survive the harsh world of the dating scene. When you go out there, expect the worst – rejection.

One of the important things to know is that courtship should be practiced, wherever in the world you are. During courtship, there are things that you can make to excite, amaze and create interest. Dating is indeed an extensive test of compatibility and it is important to know whether you are matched perfectly – if not, your chances of having a good relationship and long lasting happiness might be at risk.

Every culture has their own set of social regulations to follow and when it comes to dating, women should know certain dating tips that can help them in their social lives and relationships. If you acknowledge the fact that dating is a game, it follows that there are important rules to be played – and there will always be winners as well as losers. Knowing these rules beforehand can give you a good start.

If unexpectedly men know what kind of rules you are playing, it is best to modify the rules whenever necessary so that you can keep your prospect guessing. Remember that men are into challenge so make sure to avoid being predictable.

• Make an effort to look your best at all times. Put on some lipstick, have a sexy hairstyle and dress to make an impression if you want to catch your date's attention. Your great advantage is you being a woman and by just looking your best, you will surely find a potential life partner any time.

• There are things that should be left unsaid. Be secretive – a mysterious woman makes men crazy (in a very good way).

• Don't go on a date for one whole day – keep it brief but interesting.

• Make sure to be in good shape. This involves performing regular exercise at a gym or even inside your home. No matter how you hate it, men will always notice a beautiful body first.

• Do not even offer paying for your dinner (and your ride home). If your date is really into you, he will surely want to set his best foot forward and be in charge of everything.

• Expect a bouquet of flowers every now and then. If your prospect doesn't care about you receiving flowers or love letters or chocolates, forget about him.

• Don't ever think about sleeping with a man after just a few days of dating. This will only spoil everything.

• Being available for him 24/7 is never a good idea when it comes to dating. Don't sit by the phone waiting for his call. It's fine to miss a couple of his calls and let him send a few messages before calling back.

• Keeping a man waiting is a good thing (for the first or second dates maybe) – but make sure to be on time during your dates. Not all men are tolerant about women being not on time.

• To keep your man interested, make sure to change the locations of your dates constantly.

• Do not discuss about your past relationships, especially how they are in bed. Remember that one of the essential dating tips to follow is to keep the tales of your former lovers private.